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Preferred language style: English (U.S.) This is a term/research paper assignment, for this task I need you to help me tune-up a dissertation prospectus or concept paper.

I already have 16 pages written but we need to add another 6 pages to that document which will include making some corrections to the Research questions as I will detail below and add more literature review to the paper and the methodology section needs a second look as well.

Please do not change the format of the document, keep it the way it is right now? The file I will be uploading named: Zahira 2012-concept paper is the file you need to add the 6 pages to.

On Chapter 2, Review of literature: please add more information and at least 12 more references in addition to the ones listed already as references in my paper per my instructor?s instructions. It should be peer reviewed papers, do not use web resources from questionable sources, use books, professional journals, professional magazines, publications from credible sources such as ACM, IEEE, etc? elaborate a little more on videoconferencing which is the last paragraph before we go into the research questions.
The research questions need to be more detailed. The instructor wants to include the data collection instrument for each research question in the instruments section. Should you have any questions on these please give me a call I bullet listed some points to help you (the writer) with some pointers the instructor gave me.
Research Questions
The research investigation will address three research questions:
1. What is the effect of videoconference-based training on technicians? troubleshooting knowledge? Writer please explain the descriptive design ? knowledge skills and assessment. What is going to be used? SD, Stats, etc? About 10 questions, 10 points each for a total of a 100 points.
2. What is the effect of videoconference-based training on technicians? troubleshooting skills? Writer please explain the descriptive survey to collect data with the instrument.
? Email
? How much time it takes?
? In the description it should be noted that a note has to be added to the survey for technicians to read instructions
3. What do the technicians perceive as the strengths and weakness of the videoconference-based training activities? (writer: Explain the descriptive interview ? how to collect data, how it is going to be analyzed?)
? 1:1 meeting
? Where the meeting is going to take place? We are going to do this in a meeting room we have just for training called the Tech Tank located at the University Park Plaza room 107.
? Plan for collecting data ? SPSS will be used to compute results.

The purpose of this research study is to investigate the effectiveness of a Video-Training Conference for Technicians curriculum on the troubleshooting knowledge and skills of the technicians in the Videoconference department. I want to develop a curriculum for the videoconference technicians at Nova Southeastern University. I will provide the document that has the foundation for this assignment or at least I hope I can explain what is it that I would like to accomplish. I will name the file concept paper ? Zahira 2012, look for it when I upload the documents. Add the pages I am requesting to that document, make sure the addition flows naturally throughout the document. A good dissertation prospectus or concept paper should give my advisor an excellent idea of what the dissertation topic is, how my dissertation project will make a unique contribution to the field, and how I plan to go about designing the dissertation study.
Research Questions: The research questions are based on the problem or area of need and on the research reviewed. The research questions should adhere to the following guidelines: (a) formation of question or questions are based on theory, previous research (i.e., the literature review), and experience; (b) stated in the form of a question; and (c) are focused and clear (i.e., specific and feasible). Chapter 3: Methodology Write this section in future tense since it is only considered a proposal, and then convert to past tense once data has been collected. Participants This section should include the following elements: (a) the target population or sample to which it is hoped the findings will be applicable should be defined, consistent with the Statement of the Problem and the Research Question(s), (b) the population from which the sample will actually be drawn should be specified. This should also include demographic information such as age, gender, ethnicity etc., (c) procedures for selecting the sample should be outlined, including justification for the sampling method. Instruments This section will detail each data-collection instrument. The relevant information pertaining to each instrument should include (a) the source or developers of the instrument; (b) validity and reliability information; and (c) other salient information (e.g., number of items in each scale, subscales, etc.). Procedures The Procedures section will be based directly on the research questions. Specifically, this is the ?how-to? section of the study and will introduce the design of the research and how the data will be collected based on the questions of interest. This section should include the approach (i.e., design) to conducting the research (e.g., experimental, quasi-experimental, survey, ethnographic) and the appropriate procedures to be followed. For example, for an experimental or quasi-experimental study, the proposal should indicate how participants will be assigned to treatments and how the research will be conducted to ensure internal and external validity. If an evaluation project is proposed, the model to be followed should be specified. Limitations Include any limitations, restrictions, or constraints that may affect the validity of the dissertation?s outcome. References All research should be kept within the last 10 years 2000-2010 whenever possible, there are some sources that are older and are the base to some concepts, those are ok to be used. Important: Preferred language style: English (U.S.)
Please use APA 6th edition in the format of the document. Do not limit the research to just the files I will be providing please. All research and references cited have to be journals, books, peer reviewed articles, proceedings, etc. Please do NOT use web pages as references, thank you. webpages will not be accepted (or so I was told). The document has to be in APA format 6th edition. The major change is the APA level 1, 2, and 3 headings need to be bold faced. Please review this beginning on page 62 of the APA manual. I am assuming you have access to this since you are a writing service company? this dissertation also has to follow the new NSU Style Guide http://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/arc/pdf/sgad.pdf , and new APA manual (sixth) edition. The paper has to be written in 3rd person. Font: Times New roman letter size:12 please. Please read the Applied Dissertation procedural Manual and the NSU Style guide. Both are on the arc web site (www.schoolofed.nova.edu/arc). They are mandatory reading for all students and have all of the information you seek plus more such as length of concept paper (12 pages), milestone phases (cp approval, proposal approval, IRB, dissertation approval, final approval phase). The resources mentioned will explain each of these phases and give you an idea of what is involved and how long it will take for you to complete based on your work schedule and other factors. There is a special link on the arc web site that explains the irb procedure and all the steps in it and all documents needed to complete this process. Please review the irb URL. You will find that there are many pieces in the dissertation process and you have to take each piece one at a time and complete it and get it approved by the committee. to complete a concept paper using the rubric in the attached file.
FYI – this is information you are going to need to understand my workplace since it is an applied dissertation ASK QUESTIONS often if necessary 🙂 NSU’s website is: www.nova.edu http://www.nova.edu/discover.html – to learn more about NSU its academic programs and other information that might be needed OIT’s website is: www.nova.edu/cwis/oit Videoconferencing website: www.nova.edu/cwis/oit/vidcon
Please review the following to become familiar with Resources for Writing and Preparing the Applied Dissertation that my institution supports http://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/arc/res_writing_and_preparing/index.htm and follow everything they say here. Email me if you have any questions. Read a copy of the Applied Dissertation Procedures Manual which can also be accessed here: http://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/arc/research_courses/ADS_Manual.pdf which explains in detail the dissertation process at my institution. If you find materials you want to include but they are copyrighted the school gave us this link for more info on how to get it http://www.umi.com/en-US/products/dissertations/copyright/ In that website there is a link for sample permission letter http://www.umi.com/en-US/products/dissertations/copyright/AppxA.html which I can complete and submit if you need to use something on my paper just let me know in advanced. This is something that we would have to do if using the assessment instrument to collect the data for the study. I do not want to get in trouble for plagiarism. Check the Tips for Correct Margins in the Applied Dissertation Manuscript Link is in the resources link I provided above. Use the dissertation template I will be including, the file I?m submitting has already those settings into it do not change them. Let me know if you have any questions. Any other specifications for the paper will be sent via email. I hope to have a positive and experience and communication with my writer Thank you!! In advanced for your help.

If you have any questions contact me immediately.

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