1. Consumers frequently use the Internet during the _______ stage of

1. Consumers frequently use the Internet during the _______ stage of the consumer decision process. A. need recognition B. information search C. situational factor analysis D. postpurchase evaluation2. Manufacturers would prefer to produce in a country with a trade _______, because it signals a greater opportunity to export products to more markets. A. surplus. B. balance. C.??.culture. D. deficit.3. Marketers often use principles and theories from _______ to decipher many consumer actions and develop basic strategies for dealing with their behavior. A. English and mathematics B. physics and chemistry C. sociology and psychology D. history and archeology4. Melissa is the director of human resources, but she?s known throughout the firm as being one of the first to hear about and use new kinds of communications technologies. When the firm wants to upgrade its communications with vendors through a private exchange, Melissa will probably function in what role in the firm?s buying center? A. Influencer B. Initiator C. Decider D. User5. A _______ sets a limit on the amount of an imported item that can enter a country in a time period.??.A. boycott B. quota C. tariffD. duty6. Of the five strategies for entering new markets, direct investment creates the A. most franchisee control. B. greatest potential risk. C. least investment cost. D. opportunity for strong strategic alliances.7. GDP is defined as A. greater domestic product. B. the market value of goods and services produced in a country in a year. C. national annual income minus national annual taxes. D. the value of a country?s annual exports minus its imports.8. Compared to the B2C process, the information search and alternative evaluation steps in the B2B process are A. based on derived supply analysis. B. more formal and structured. C. less focused on customer value creation. D.??.centrally planned.9. After posting an RFP for telecommunication equipment, a firm received six proposals from qualified vendors. Next, that firm will most likely A. recognize proposal obstacles that the firm must comply with. B. evaluate the proposals and likely narrow the choice to a few suppliers. C. invite alternative suppliers to bid on supplying what?s requested. D. revise need recognition through external sources.10. The consumer buying process begins when A. performance risk is minimized. B. functional needs are greater than psychological needs. C. consumers recognize that they have an unsatisfied need. D. consumers enter a store.??.11. Changes in _______ have been the driving force for growth in global markets for decades. A. taxation B. technology C. human development D. trading blocs12. In general, the _______ the wealth of people in a country, the better the opportunity a firm has in that particular country. A. more equalB. more diverse C. greater D. less stable13. Abraham Maslow identified five sets of motives that have become an essential part of marketing. Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs includes physiological needs at the lowest level and self-actualization at the top. The three levels in between are A. community, family, and self. B. threat avoidance, stability, and striving. C. safety, love, and esteem. D. material goods, safety, and love.??.14. For marketers, negative attitudes are typically difficult to change because A. attitudes shift consumers from limited to extended problem-solving situations. B. attitudes are learned and long lasting. C. consumers weigh performance risk against functional needs when assessing their attitudes. D. most consumers? attitudes depend on prices.15. A(n) _______ is a need or want that?s strong enough to cause the person to seek satisfaction. A. price B. motive C. attitude D. perception??.16. When Brandon decided he needed a new car, he immediately called his old college roommate, who owns a BMW dealership, to ask questions about options and financing. Brandon was searching for information from a(n) A. internal locus of control. B. internal source. C. decision heuristics establishment. D. external source.17. Which of the following is a B2B buying situation in which the decision is likely to be the most complex and take the longest to complete? A. A new buy B. An internally-structured rebuy C. A modified rebuy D. A straight rebuy??.18. The processes by which goods, services, capital, people, information, and ideas flow across national borders is known as A. standardization. B. marketing.C. advertising. D. globalization.19. At many universities, faculty members in the education department were among the first to ask for personal computers. These faculty members were _______ in the buying center. A. users B. buyers C. influencers D. initiators20. In the consumer decision process, deciding how long and how much effort to expend searching for information depends on A. the postpurchase anxiety associated with the product or service being considered. B. the degree of perceived risk associated with the product or service being considered. C. habitual decision making that most influences the alternative evaluation process. D. the cultural reference group that most influences the alternative evaluation process.??.21. When mountain climbers purchase clothing for scaling Mount Everest, their purchases are primarily addressing _______ needs. A. functional B. prepurchase C. social D. psychological22. The consumer decision process model represents A. the concept of habitual decision making. B. the predicted process consumers go through when shifting from an internal locus of control to an external locus of control. C. the retrieval of an evoked set based on physiological needs. D. the steps that consumers go through before, during, and after making purchases.??.23. Hospitals, schools, and religious organizations are examples of _______ buyers. A. institutional B. manufacturing C. reseller D. retail24. In most cases, countries use tariffs to reduce foreign competition, but tariffs are also used A. to shorten supply chains. B. to stimulate consumer demand. C. to offer domestic discounts. D. as a response to perceived unfair trade practices.25. After need recognition, a business often considers alternatives and comes up with _______ that End of exam suppliers might use to develop their proposals to supply the product. A. initiator instructions B. product specifications C. derived demand D. democratic ideals??.

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