1.Mesopotamian Sumer was characterized b European History

1.Mesopotamian Sumer was characterized by: A) The discovery of writing, mathematics, and law B) A civilization that left behind no written records C) Human Sacrifice and flooding D) Warlike training and chemical weapons 2.Mediterranean polytheism allowed humans to attribute misfortune to: A) The sins of an individual B) Bad luck for bad karma from a previous life C) Being innocent bystanders while gods argued among themselves D) Question the reason why bad things happen to good people 3.According to the book, Judaism differs most from other Mediterranean religions because: A) It celebrates the Laws of David B) It is a monotheistic religion C) It has created a global Diaspora D) It is more of an ethnic category than a religious one. 4.Roman and Greek parallels are strong because A) Greek figures founded Rome when they were raised by a Mother Wolf B) Rome purposefully appropriated Greek ideals C) Greek city-states Athens and Sparta spread until they encompassed what would become the Roman Empire D) Greek philosophers created the Roman state out of the ashes of the Punic Wars 5.What was the historical impact of the movement of the Huns and the Mongols?

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