1) On the Animal tab, you will see a dat

1) On the Animal tab, you will see a data set that contains animals in different countries along with theirpopulation number. Please produce a report analyzing any trend that you see.2) On the Handset Market Analysis¬Ě tab. We want to see if you can understand and analyze the data set in this model.Please provide an estimate for the calendar year first quarter of 2013 fill the cells highlighted in yellow undercolumn N. Please write a report explaining how you derived your estimates, and listing the assumptions that you have made.You are welcome to conduct your own research via the internet or any other means you can find.Please be reminded that there are no standard correct answers for the two exercises above. We are trying to test thefollowing qualities in these two exercisesPassion in playing with Data-setsNumerical reasoning skillsEnglish report writing capabilityPresentation skillsResearch capabilitiesData modeling skillsCreativity.

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