1- read the IRB file then 2- Please,

1- read the IRB file then 2- Please, login to this website and complete the training (7 brief modules). When finished, download a copy of the Completion report, save it and send it to me. If you have difficulties saving and uploading as a .pdf, a screen shot will be acceptable, copy and paste whatever works. login info: user: ozeknight7050 pass: asdfg12345 https://www.citiprogram.org/index.cfm?pageID=14&languagePreference=English&region=1 finally 3- write a reflection on a word document: what kind of review you believe will be necessary for your study. Then, reflect upon what components covered in the training are most relevant to your study. What questions will have to be addressed? (1 page) my research study: How Early ESOL classes Overcome language and culture Barriers in Schools: Helping Arab Children Acquire Success in Elementary Schools I need: -the completion report -reflection

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