1.) Some of the characteristic features European History

1.) Some of the characteristic features of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century anti-Semitism include: Question options: a) Anti-Semitism was used as a political tool only by right-wing parties and leaders b) Anti-Semitism was successful in reversing Jewish emancipation in Europe c) Anti-Semitism represented a reaction against modernity d) All of the above (It’s not D) 2.) The following constitutes a novel characteristic of modern anti-Semitism: Question options: a) Blaming Jews for economic ills of the society b) Accusing Jews of ritual murders c) Declaring that race and not religion defines the Jews d) All of the above (It’s not D) 3.) Features that marked Russian anti-Semitism as unusual in the context of late-nineteenth century anti-Semitism included: Question options: a) Accusations that Jews commit ritual murders b) Pogroms c) Anti-Jewish policies of the central government d) All of the above (It’s not D) e) A and B f) B and C 4.) Some of the characteristics of religious life in the modern State of Israel include: Question options: a) The disproportionate influence of religious parties in the parliament b) The equality of Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox forms of Judaism c) The acceptance of non-Orthodox marriages, burials, and conversions to Judaism d) All of the above (It’s not D)

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