1. What scene or aspect of Voltaires Can European History

1. What scene or aspect of Voltaires Candide did you find the most shocking, outlandish, or surprising? Why do you think Voltaire included it in his novel? 2. What were some differences in the ways that some of the characters in Candide viewed and experienced the world? In other words, what kinds of misfortunes did they experience, and how did they interpret these experiences? Do you think Voltaire agreed with the viewpoint of any of his characters? 3. How would you interpret the conclusion of the novel? What is the worth of philosophy compared with that of other pursuits in life? 4. What does Voltaire seem to criticize in Candide? What was Voltaires message? Did Voltaires wit and black comedy help to convey his points? Did Voltaire believe that the world would change for the better? Was Voltaire an optimist?

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