20 Sentences Academic Essay

Choose 10 words and create one correct and one incorrect sentence for each work (total 20 sentences). For Example: galluses Correct: Im headed to Macys mens department to buy matching galluses for my sons suit. Incorrect: I was shocked that the mechanic charged me $1,000 to change the galluses in my car. 1. venireman n. a person summoned to jury duty. 2. superfluous adj. Beyond what is required or sufficient; surplus, unessential 3. galluses n. suspenders for trousers. 4. pious adj. Honest observance of religion; devoted, reverent, virtuous, religious. 5. gavel n. the hammer used by a presiding officer or auctioneer to signal for order. 6. preposterous adj. Beyond reason or common sense; absurd, ridiculous, outrageous. 7. pariah n. a social outcast, recluse, outsider, exile 8. animosity n. bitter hostility or active hatred. 9. biased adj. Prejudice, predisposed, partial 10. fervent adj. Showing great emotion or pride; eager, passionate, zealous 11. firmament n. sky 12. zeal n. devotion in pursuit of a cause or goal; fanaticism, fervor, passion 13. petulant adj. irritable, ill-tempered, impatient especially over a petty annoyance. 14. affable adj. pleasant, sociable, genial, friendly 15. askance adv, doubtfully, suspiciously, sideways, disapprovingly 16. levity n. cheerfulness, lightheartedness, flippancy towards improper gaiety 17. jauntily adv. Gaily, cheerfully, briskly, sprightly, perky; showing easy confidence. 18. vigorously adv. Energetically, strongly, enthusiastically, forcefully.

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