a) a system designed to increase the pow European History

a) a system designed to increase the power of lords rather than vassals.b) a reciprocal personal economic and political relationship between lords, vassals and peasantsc) a way for vassals to advance economically and politically.d) a way for kings and lords to develop a standing army.a) It was a disastrous failure for the Christian west.b) It led to the overthrow of the Byzantine emperor.c)It led to the conversion of the Seljuk Turks to Christianity.d) It resulted in the successful Christian conquest of Jerusalem.a) the rights of the common people in England.b) universal human rights.c) restrictions of the absolute power of the Kingd) the establishment of Parliament.a) the byzantine empire continued to last for the next thousand yearsb) Rome actually fell to invading Huns in 732 A.D.c) the Muslims conquered most of Europe in the 700’s A.D.d)) the city of Rome still exists as a prominent financial capital of the world todaya) Roman authorityb) Power of Islamic Churchc) Power of Roman Catholic Christian Churchd) Influence of different nation-states or countriesa) Italyb) Western Europec) Middle Eastd) Great Britaina) dramatic advances in urban technological knowledgeb) increasing percentages of people living in rural or farm areasc) lessening connections or trade with the rest of the worldd) little organized political structures such as nation-states or countries establisheda) feudal estatesb) Castlesc) aquaductsd) Gothic Cathedrals

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