A disorder of childhood: Reactive Attachment Disorder

? Just need to focus on this section of questions below that will be added to Essay. ? Please format answer?s APA 6 Edition, citations and conclusion. Outline and Presentation of an Assessment and Treatment Plan of an Individual with a Disorder of Childhood Resources: A Case Study: A disorder of childhood: Reactive Attachment DisorderThis is part of a Treatment Plan. I will send as a attachmentRead the case study carefully, and After reading the: Identifying Data and ProblemWriter a One page Paper answering questions that are highlighted in RED, to flow with the rest of the Essay, I will send via email attachment. ??.?.Summarize the client?s history, presenting problem, and symptoms. (this is already done)These are questions to answer: in Essay format? Identify additional information that you would like to know about the client and additional questions that you would like to ask. Explain why having this information would be helpful to you. ? Outline information in APA 6 Edition, Citations, references and conclusion. Don?t worry about the question at bottom just providing an Idea of what is going on with the Essay as a whole. Please contact me if any questions concerning.? Discuss two different instruments that might be used to further assess the client. Include the name of the instrument or technique that you would use and explain how the results might be helpful in case conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment planning.? Provide a full diagnosis of the client using the DSM-IV-TR? multiaxial format. ??.?.

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