A Dominant Distributor custom essay

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Firstly, thank-you for taking up this Assignment.
I ask that you read the below instructions carefully, they must be followed to the letter.
1. No Plagiarism at all. My professor knows everything about this topic and I will have to check it with �turnitin� program for plagiarism prior submission as it�s a requirement here.
2. Read Uploaded 1st essay written another writer with Best Essay. Please understand how it was written. As this essay needs to be in the same �speak� i.e. the same writers style transferred to this essay, so it sounds like its written by same person; grammar etc.
3. Citation needs to be 100% accurate.
4. Do not Cite para after para. Only use cites to back up your argument, when needed to explain your reasoning, or to set up the paragraph. Cites should be no more than a couple of sentences each time used.
5. Remember, I live in Australia, so when using examples etc try to capture it from the Australian perspective and use the Australian English dictionary when spellchecking.
6. You must read and understand the referenced material below. I have uploaded them: they are confidential and MUST NOT be given out to anyone please. Also refer to the Compulsory text you used in the last �Discussion Forums� if required: Bowersox, D.J., Closs, D.J. and Cooper, M.B., Supply Chain Logistics Management, 3rd Ed., McGraw Hill Irwin, 2010.
7. Topic Question to be answered in this essay: 3000 words. The 3000 word count does not include references or appendixes used:
8. This essay is very similar to the previous essay question, which was: Part A: Manufacturing strategies used in supply chains include: Make to Stock; Make to Plan; Assembly to Order; Engineer to Order. Briefly explain and discuss each of these strategies. Part B: When the manufacturer is the dominant player in a supply chain it faces many risks such as supply risk; demand risk and operational risk and others. Discuss the potential strategies that a dominant manufacturer might implement to (a) retain its position of dominance and (b) benefit the total supply chain.
It is therefore a progression from the previous essay. In this essay the question has moved from the traditional dominant player in supply chains, i.e. the manufacturers to the most recent dominant player to appear in the academic literature. In the past it was traditionally the manufacturer who could influence or control its suppliers to deliver input to fit the assemble line schedule. Then with the advent of the huge retailers such as Walmart etc the demand chains saw retail centric domination of parts or even total supply chains. After the retail centric domination there appeared in the literature some support for supplier dominant players and now finally with the global supply chains the distributors have achieved some recognition of being able to strongly influence players along the supply chains.
9. As noted above the second essay is very similar. The second essay on manufacturer dominance spelt out a few more parts in that you were requested to at least cover some of the key manufacturing strategies and so too in this essay should you cover some of the main distributors� strategies but do not take up too much space in your main text. Use appendices or tables to define/explain these various strategies.
10. Obviously there are two parts to this essay: strategies for retention of distributor dominance and strategies that distributors as a dominant player can push that influences the total supply chain beneficially.
11. You are asked to discuss these strategies. The first sentence sets the scene that a distributor faces many risks. Of course any dominant player; be it the supplier, manufacturer, distributor or retailer will face risks that impact on its dominant position so address the question and apply the risks that a distributor will face that might curtail its dominant position or even loose it to another player. Don�t spend too much time on the risks as this first sentence is only there to introduce the question which wants a discussion on strategies that assist distributors retain their dominant position and strategies that distributors in a position of domination can implement along the supply chain to benefit the whole or parts of the supply chain (and presumably thus keep its dominant position or make it more powerful in that the followers become more dependent on it.)
12. Please Diagram the supply chain and list the various strategies that are appropriate along all the supply chain and other strategies that are upstream and down- stream from distributors.
13. I do not want a case study.
14. Any examples put in appendices.
15. This is a research project, so do the research of the academic journal articles only (uploaded).
16. IT MUST be an academic discussion of the theoretical research material. Have a point of view.
17. The layout of this essay needs to be in the following format:
Introduction: giving the structure of your essay.
Literature Review: giving core strategies of distributors, strategies of distribution dominance, strategies to retain distributor dominance, strategies that distributors can use to benefit their total or partial sections of the supply chain.
Main discussion of strategies: to cover both part A: Retention of dominant position and Part B:- to implement strategies that benefit the total supply chain. This should be the guts of your essay and allocate the most words to.
Discussion/Analysis of findings:
Conclusion � summing up your key points.
18. Below are the only References that must be researched totaly and used. If you feel that there are others, they must be accessible by me to read and they must be a business journal article like the ones I have uploaded. Some references will need page numbers added to reference and formatted to be APA style.
a. Bashiri, M., Badri, H., & Talebi, J., 2012, A new approach to tactical and strategic planning in production distribution networks, Applied Mathematical Modeling, 36, 4, 1703-1717.
b. Caniato, F., 2011, Supply chain management in the luxury industry: A first classification of companies and their strategies, Int. J. Production Economics 133 (2011) 622�633
c. Chu, P.Y., Chang, K.H. & Huang, H.F., 2012, How to increase supplier flexibility through social mechanisms and influence strategies? Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 27, 1-2, 115-131.
d. Dedrick, J., 2011, The distribution of value in the mobile phone supply chain,
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m. Niu, R.H., 2012, Pricing and inventory strategies for a two stage dual channel supply chain.
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o. Rodrigues, A.M., Stank, T.P. & Lynch, D.F., 2004, Linking Strategy, Structure, Process, and Performance in Integrated Logistics, Journal of Business Logistics, 25, 2, 65-94.
p. Shi, J., 2010, Optimizing distribution strategy for perishable foods using RFID and sensor technologies.
q. Wang, Q.N., 2011, Streamlining inventory flows with time discounts to improve the profits of a decentralized supply chain.

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