A Reflective Essay Custom Essay

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A reflective essay – This should focus on key learning items that were important for you during the course and can be discussed in more detail, illustrating key subjective aspects – i.e. how this made you feel, where it has positioned you in your learning, as an accountant, as a service professional etc?

The structure of the reflective essay – is at your discretion (i.e. you decide how you present, some will choose intro, body, conclusion, others may choose a diagram with boxes i.e. flowchart etc) – what is important is that you have:
A good range of subjective description: indicating a depth and thoroughness of reflection and indicating a developing self- awareness of self and others

e.g. for self and interactions with others

� what was learnt
� what was felt
� the identification areas of difficulties and enjoyment
� the identification of strengths and weaknesses
� how strengths were/can be built on
� how weaknesses were/can be addressed
� how actions/behaviour changed
� how beliefs/views changed

This is an explanation of what is required to hand in for the reflection essay assessment provided by teacher. So it seems like summarising all lectures. I will update all lectures.

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