A social critical analysis of illustration in children’s literature using a framework Custom Essay

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Essay: A social critical analysis of illustration in children�s literature using a framework

Note: Attach the appropriate marking guide to your assignment.

Assignment details

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to analyse picture books from a social critical perspective (refer to pages 190�196 of your textbook).

The assignment will assess the following course objectives, as listed in your course specification:

knowledge of the media and techniques used by illustrators of children�s literature

an understanding of the book design, production and publishing process

an understanding of the role of illustration as text

an ability to analyse illustration in terms of its historical and socio-cultural origins

the ability to explain how the ideologies perceived in the illustrative text are conveyed via the media, design and technique.

Task: Part 1 (approx. length 500 words)

Select five picture books which deal with a similar theme or topic, e.g. homelessness, birth of a sibling, grandparents, care of the environment, animals in captivity, war, celebrations etc. (NB! You should endeavour to select books in which the illustrative text is used differently to explore the theme and where the theme itself is represented from different points of view or in different ways). Use the bibliography at the back of this introductory book to help you select quality texts.

Explain why these five books have been selected, the unifying theme and how each book represents the theme in different ways. Refer to your textbook (pages 14�16, chapter 8 and pages 236�242).

A suggested layout for Part 1:
Introduction to the task, including rationale for unifying theme. NB. Make reference to course readings to support your discussion (this is essential and is included in the marking criteria).

Identify how each text represents the theme. (one paragraph for each of the five texts).

Summarising paragraph.

Task: Part 2 (approx. length 1000 words)

Use Anstey and Bull�s framework (pp. 191�192, Reading the visual) for conducting a social critical analysis of illustrative and written text. Present the framework together with a brief written explanation (state why it is useful).

Social critical literacy theory is the underpinning theory for this framework. Justify the usefulness of this framework with reference to the course readings and other literature on social critical literacy theory.

Draw on the method of analysis outlined in your textbook (table 7.3, pages 191�192) and also chapters 1, 8, 9 and 10 for assistance with this task. Selected readings from module 4 will also be useful.

Task: Part 3 (approx. length 2000 words)

Use the framework to conduct and present a social critical analysis of each of the five books, integrating references to course readings using the APA referencing style (allow about 400 words per book). You may use a table format and dot points for this section. Address each of the six areas of the framework for each of the five texts separately.

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