Access Control Systems custom essay

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You have been commissioned by your director to design a complete integrated access control system for the following mine site. The site is located in a semi rural district with its own assess road that is 1km long from the main highway.
You are to write a professional report to your director which articulates an underlying theory (design philosophy) and accordant with this theory recommend the types of external perimeter electronic access control system technologies and internal access control system technologies for the protection of the main office building that has the following zones, administration, geology department, finance, executive suite and board rooms.
Special Instructions
Word Limit: 2000 Words.
To successfully complete this assignment students must demonstrate a high level of research where a minimum of 20 references are utilized to establish an informed argument. Of these references as least half must stem from academic texts.
This paper will:
1.Require you to research CPTED and designing out crime.
2.Give you experience in bringing together ideas to form new ideas which are valid and consistent with logic.
3.Provide you with practice in formal essay writing by expressing your argument in a coherent and reasoned manner.
4.Allow you to support your argument by reference to readings, references, and other source materials.

You have to show on the drawing file where and what will you put in the place the Access Control Systems

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