accounting critical literature review about lease Custom Essay

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1. This is a UK based work. This is critical literature review work under MSc Accounting.

2. I attached the detailed requirement and marking grid for you use. You must follow all the requirement in the file. The topic and the issues need to address are all clearly mentioned. This topic is about �lease�This is really important work to me, and also this is the real deadline, can not extend at all.

3. The word count require between 7500-8000 words exclude references and appendix..30 full harvard references required. only allow 10 references from e-resource at most. And the mentioned reading list are require to be used.

4. Please follow the required the structure and make a good logic and presentation. Some good illustrations for example tables or graphs are required.

5. This is a part of my final assessment, if the work is satisfied, i will book the second work on the same writer.

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