Accounting Topic Analysis Academic Essay

Paper detailsNOTE ON FORMATTING:Format should be a simple word document, identifying each question and related response. The document is not an essayor report, but should be correctly referenced.A cover sheet with student name and number should be provided on the first page, as well as in headers/footers throughoutthe document.Other Useful Hints:I would prefer that you do not use direct quotes. If you do use them, please make sure that you reference and explain themso that your understanding to the topic questions is clearly shown. When marking, I will seek to find how much youunderstand for each of those topic questions!In the file Find Your Company you will find the listed company you have been given for this course. This file will be madeavailable by 5.00pm Friday of Week 2. Complete this assignment for the company you have been given. Please be carefulto use the listed company you have been given. Your assignment will NOT be marked if you use a different company to theone you have been given?? and you will be asked to resubmit your assignment using the right company.Go to the website of your company, by clicking on the URL next to your company in the list of companies in the file FindYour Company.Tip: If for some reason the URL for your company is no longer working, please Google your company to find its website.Then go to the Investor Relations section of the website. This section may be called, Investors, Shareholder Informationor similar name.Save a soft copy of the Annual Report for your firm for each of the last two years. For example, if your firms latest AnnualReport is for the year ended 30 June 2015, save your firms Annual Reports for 30 June 2015 and 30 June 2014.Only save your firms Annual Reports. Do NOT save its interim or halfyearlyreports?? also do not save its concise annualreports. You can ignore these. Only save its full Annual Reports with its full financial reports. I also suggest you have a quickbrowse through your firms website. This will give you some initial insights into your firms operations and activities.If you have any difficulty finding your firms Annual Reports or would like to check you have the right ones pleaseaskyour lecturer or tutor for assistanceWithin your firms Annual Reports, find its financial statements (Statement of Comprehensive income, Statement ofChanges in Equity, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flows.)From your firms Statement of Financial Position, list each item of equity and write your understanding of each item. Makesure you read carefully any footnotes for each item of equity and also look at your firms Statement of Changes in Equity.Discuss in detail any changes in each item of equity for your firm over the past two years. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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