Advanced Scout Phase II Academic Essay

Advanced Scout Phase II Problem Overview: You have just been hired to be an Advanced Scout for a Major League Baseball team. Your job is to attend a game for each of your upcoming opponents, one to fourteen days prior to when your team is scheduled to play that opponent. The objective is to find the shortest route that allows you to scout all of the opponents for the month. On D2L your assigned MLB team and month of opponents are posted. The Logware file with the coordinates of each teams stadium is also posted (Latitude and Longitude with Longitude converted to a positive number so it will work with Logware). The team schedules are available at This assignment will be completed in three phases during the semester that are designed to move you closer to the final solution. Here is Phase II: Phase II (due into D2L on 3/24 by 9:30am): List the opponents your team plays during the month in order from the first opponent of the month to the last opponent in the month. Record the first date of the series with each opponent. Then calculate the 14-day window prior to the first date of the series for each opponent (i.e. if you play Baltimore 9/20-9/22, then the 14-day window prior to 9/20 is 9/6-9/19). In this 14-day window, your opponent will be in multiple cities (usually 2-5 cities) so record the cities where each opponent will be playing. Make sure to note which games are home games and which games are away games for your opponent so you record the correct city. These will be your possible cities to visit to scout each opponent before your team plays them. Next, for the list of each opponents cities, choose a city that you believe will minimize your travel distance. Call this your preferred city to scout the opponent. Finally, create a route in Logware that shows the distance you would travel (starting from your home stadium as the Depot) passing through each preferred city and returning to your home stadium. In Logware, after you click Solve, make sure to select (2) Specify the stop sequence so you can enter the order of your preferred cities starting with the preferred city for your first opponent of the month and ending with your preferred city for the last opponent of the month before returning to the Depot. (next page) You will learn: For your opponents that need to be scouted, where will they be playing? Which locations are preferred over others?

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