advanced tools for research in digital marketing – Secondary and primary research on picamilon-pro

Conduct secondary and primary research on a product (picamilon-pro) that has been assigned to you specifically. Secondary and primary research on picamilon-pro Background – A short history of the product. How has its uses developed over time? Attributes (features) – How is it normally sold and consumed? (pills, tablets, powder, liquid) What sizes are most popular? Ingredients. Usage (benefits) – What is the recommended usage? Are there divergent views on its usage? Compare and contrast the key scientific studies and expert opinions on the product’s usage. What are the benefits to the consumer that can be advertised? Consumer trends – Conduct keyword research, secondary and primary research to determine or predict consumer trends of this product worldwide. Competitive analysis – Research price ranges for the product and the most competitive pages on it (SEO analysis). Product Page – Build a product page using the tools learned and practised in class. Include images, backlinks and cross-selling suggestions (even with products that are not presently part of the IAS range). Annotated bibliography – Produce an annotated bibliography (from your perspective as a researcher and in your own words) that explains the significance, reputation and relevance of each of your references.

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