advertising and the body

For this assignment, you are asked to watch the video Killing Us Softly 4 by Jean Kilbourne. After viewing the video, look through recent popular magazines, hardcopies or on the Internet, and see if you can find advertisements that objectify women in order to sell a product. Or watch some TV commercials or browse the Internet or YouTube for some current ads. You can look for beer commercials; commercials for food, chocolate; detergents or any house cleaning products, etc. Study these images (or image) in the context you have chosen, then write a short paper (about 2-4 pages, double spaced) about how advertising objectifies women in order to sell products, and how this objectification creates “the sexualization of culture.” Please remember to use a formal academic structure: introduction, thesis, main body of argument(s) and conclusion. This assignment asks you to go one step further, by examining the influence of advertising on you personally and your self-worth, but also how you believe advertising affects other women and men. Include your ad with your essay. You are required to use assigned course readings (linked articles) to support your argument.

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