Advertising Class Assignment; creative strategy and key execution details custom essay

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These are the instruction from the Advertising professor: You will submit a creative brief (I-page in length to be type-written) paper that will illustrate their creative strategy and key execution details (each paper should include those items listed on Chapter 12, Slide 21) … see Slide 22 for a sample Creative Brief. The creative briefs are due on May th or 8th, depending on when your class meets. Proper grammar, punctuation and spelling are expected. The Creative Brief is 10% of your grade. The Presentation will be worth 10%. Any sort of plagiarism will result in a “0,” and a report will be included in each student’s file. This includes copying from the Internet, television, radio, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. YOU ARE TO DO YOUR OWN PAPER/ADVERTISEMENT. The written assignment will be graded on its structure, substance (largest component), appearance, and effort. This creative brief will be used for a television ad later in the course.

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