American history Academic Essay

American history 1. What made the election of 1912 a debate on fundamental political philosophies rather than a disagreement about particular issues? Was Wilsons victory due primarily to his principles or to the Republican split? 2. How did Wilsonian progressivism overcome the triple wall of privilege? 3. What were the features of Wilsons moralistic foreign policy? How did he apply those principles to Latin America and then to Europe in World War I? 4. What was Americas response to the outbreak of World War I? Why did Wilsons attempts at neutrality turn into a critical stance toward Germany? 5. What were the basic issues in the election of 1916, and why did Hughess attempt to straddle isolationist and anti-German sentiment fail? 6. Why did America enter World War I? 7. Why did Woodrow Wilson proclaim Americas entry into the war as an ideological crusade for universal democracy and freedom, rather than simply an attempt to curb German military power? How did defining the war that way both inspire patriotic fervor and crush domestic dissent? 8. How did America mobilize for war, and what was the wars impact on labor, women, and African Americans? 9. What were Americas economic, military, and diplomatic contributions to the Allied victory, and why was Wilson forced to compromise his idealistic plan for a peace based on the Fourteen Points? 10. Why was the battle over ratifying the Treaty of Versailles so fierce and bitter, and how did Wilsons refusal to compromise with Lodge and others doom the treaty? PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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