American History Essay-Motivation for Empire.

Write a composition on the following two parts separately and each of composition requires words no less than 400 Part 1: As America pushed westward, it took possession of land that Native Americans had lived on for centuries. At the same time, America looked outside its borders to join in the race for empire. Discuss the motivations for empire, the way that America took over the West, and the way that it gathered an empire outside its borders. Compare how native peoples were treated in foreign lands versus how Native Americans were treated at home. What was the primary focus and purpose of our foreign empire versus the intent of settlers in America s West? Was there anything positive that came from these land grabs (both foreign and in the West) for America and/or the natives? Do you think that American imperialism of the late nineteenth century was, overall, positive or negative? Part 2: Discuss Reconstruction, changes that occurred in the lives of African Americans, and efforts to both stop and encourage the free exercise of African American rights from the end of the Civil War to the Progressive Era.

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