An Analysis of Consumer Behavior in United Kingdoms Luxury Car Market Academic Essay

The Requirements of a MIB Dissertation Your investigations need to be thorough, rigorous and well organised and will involve undertaking systematic research to discover and learn about human resource management Your research will, therefore, involve using appropriate methods to systematically collect and analyse the data. It will argue why the results obtained are meaningful, and explain any limitations that are associated with them (Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill, 2009). Specifically, the dissertation should: 1 Analyse and develop an issue associated with the field of IB (International Business). 2 Critically select and discuss, and rigorously apply an appropriate research methodology in a reflective manner. 3 Demonstrate a critical understanding of the various social and political relationships, and interactions that impacted upon the research. 4 Demonstrate a rigorous understanding of the theory and literature relevant to the issues under investigation. 5 Reflect upon and assess the generalisability of any findings and the extent to which the research contributes to the understanding of IB problems and issues. 6 Have a critical and reflective understanding of the processes involved in undertaking the research.

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