An explorative Study on the Impacts of New Media on Saudi Women Custom Essay

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I had a look at the proposal and it is a good starting point to start a discussion about a fully developed research project proposal. I would like to talk to you about the proposal and the possibility of the PhD sometimes towards the end of next week or the week after that. I might ask another colleague to attend this interview.
we would need to think a bit more about how the theory side would be developed and then the practicalities of the data collection.)Note:I’m attaching the proposal in order to your opinion will be on the adoption of the proposal exactly as sent .

Is it possible to descripe to me What is the last line means and how can we working to develop it before the meeting to be held next week as he said.
As well as , I would like a brief search on the Power Point slides help me to explanation but please use language in which clear and easy to talk.
I would like potential questions in these meetings with the answers.
Finally,kindly explain to me the last phragraf under the title ( Research Design and Methodology ) and why we use this method?
for example potential question.
1 – what the type of research approach?
2 – what the type of information gathering tool?
3 – What are the appropriate way to gather information?
4 – Why did you choose this topic?
5 – Where lies the importance of research?

note: Is it possible to link the research master’s and doctoral degrees and how it can be developed


An explorative Study on the Impacts of New Media on Saudi Women
Discourse Analysis of Impacts of Twitter in Saudi Arabia
Additional Files

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