Analysis Emergency Management Plan Academic Essay

Paper detailsHi, Please ((I want you to use Emergency Plan)) as an attachment to an OVERVIEW you will complete relative to thejurisdiction, its EM plan, description of the jurisdiction (read this to mean provide a description of the entity populationserved, type of organization, etc.), evaluation of the plan (strengths, weaknesses, areas it could be improved and how, riskidentification, planning, response, recovery, continuity of government), and recommendations on how it could be donebetter, if it can, including identifying benchmarks you would recommend to evaluate the EM plan.?? you should at the end include a SUMMARY of the project review.?? tables, if any, must be set up according to APA standards.pleaseI want 11 pages , and if u need to write more let me know to order..?? The paper will have a cover page that will include: title of your paper, your name, course title and number, the professorsname, and date of submission (do not use running headers)?? The paper will have page numbers, not on the cover page, starting at page 2. Also, all pages include Running headersexcept the cover page.?? The paper will be set up APA style, especially when you include a reference page?? 1 margins?? Doublespaced10font,ArialPreferred language style US English PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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