Analyze a character THE GIFT OF THE MAGI by O. Henry Essay

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Write a text-supported essay on the following topic. , Analyze a character that you have read about in class using the five-part standard story plot line organizational pattern: Introduction/Exposition, Rising Action/Conflict, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution/Conclusion/Denouement. • Select a character who undergoes a change from the beginning of the story to the end. • Describe how the person changes. Use the storyline model as a guide. • Explain the factors influencing the character’s change as well as the character’s motivation for action and change. • Was the change sudden or gradual? Was there an epiphany? • Was this a “coming of age” or “initiation” story? • How sympathetic a character is he or she at the beginning? At the end? • Use text references describing the person before and after. Reminder: Include direct quotes from the text. Be sure to identify the plot sequence sections. Further requirements: Use MLA format. Typed, double spaced, standard font/spacing, two+ pages. that is how it will be grade: 1. Central Idea or thesis – 1-5 pts. 2. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion – 1-5 points 3. Paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details – 1-5 points 4. Complete, grammatical sentences with some variety in syntax – 1-5 points 5. Appropriate word choice – 1-5 points 6. Clear flow of ideas from one part to another – 1-5 points 7. Proficient use of standard English punctuation and spelling – 1-5 points 8. Logic of the argument – 1-5 points 9. Incorporation of source material – 1-5 points 10. Correct MLA format, including citations – 1-5 points the story i chose is THE GIFT OF THE MAGI by O. Henry tis is the like to the story:

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