Ancient Roman Baths: The Social Aspect Essay

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The research paper must be about the disadvantages of wind turbines and wind energy in general. The paper is about the Cape wind project in New England that has been planned, it is debated whether this project should come to life or not. The aim of this paper is to point out the disadvantages and how it will affect Cape Cod, a tourist resort in a bad way. (Only scholarly articles must be used as sources)
below are some points

  • Cons of Wind Energy in New England
  • Oil floating in water on a platform
  • Powered by oil and diesel
  • Wind is not constant or reliable
  • Kills wildlife and scenery
  • Wind needs to be at least 10mph to work
  • Noisy – 1 wind turbine is the equivalent in sound to a car driving 70 miles per hour
  • 12 year life expectancy of a wind turbine
  • Expensive and hard to maintain
  • Damaged in storms
  • Violates at least 1 federal law: The Endangered Species Act
  • Displaces native species
  • Kills tourism/seals
  • 1 turbine is 3.5 million to build. Only gives energy to 600 households
  • Decrease job (tourism decreases)
  • Social decay
  • People move
  • Shops close
  • Energy purpose defeated
  • Decreases property values

Decreases television reception

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