Animal Experimentation exsercise

Assignment, AgricultureAnimal Experimentation exsercise questions in assessing the efficacy of a new, untested cattle feed additive (Growit Fast)Project descriptionDesign an experiment in which you assess the efficacy of a new, untested cattle feed additive (Growit Fast). Following an LD50 study the EU have classified this additive under category 2 for toxicology. The manufacturers claim that when the additive is provided at optimum levels that growth performance is improved in all classes of cattle by 13%. A Literature indicates that mean growth rates (ñ SEM) in bulls (n=24) is 1.82 ñ 0.09 kg/d and 1.34 ñ 0.09 kg/d in steers (n= 24).Word count: Not applicable. Just answer each question. Should not be more than 250 words in total for all 4 questions.QUESTIONS:In your answer:a. Specify whether this study would need to be conducted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 and whyb. Specify what type of experimental design you would use and why you would consider it to be the most effective and ethicalc. With your experimental design in mind calculate the numbers of animals required in your study to statistically show (i.e. P<0.05) the alleged improvement stated by the manufacturerd. What type of statistical test would you use to analyze your data and what factors, if any, would you include in your statistical model

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