Anthony Mcnight Custom Essay

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This paper is on a serial killer named: Anthony McKnight, here is a little info about him: Born in 1954, McKnight was a career navy man stationed at Northern California\\\’s Alameda Naval Air Station since 1982. He lived off-base with wife and child, making friends easily among his neighbors. Tenants of McKnight\\\’s apartment complex knew him as \\\”one of the most outgoing people\\\” in the building. To a man, they would be stunned by evidence connecting him with seven counts of homicide in 1985. -The paper should detail the case and how DNA found through a bodily fluid (in his case SEMEN) was used to convict him. -The paper has to be submitted to TURNITIN.COM. Please use 12-point font, double-spaced format, and 1-inch margins throughout the paper. -Two references are needed plus the book I will supply below. References cannot be a newspaper or print magazine article. -Please inclue this book as a reference: Bucholtz, A. & Lewis, J. (2008). Biological Evidence. Los Angeles, CA: LawTech Publishing.

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