Antigone – Following Law versus Passion

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Research Paper Assignment (5 pages plus a Works Cited Page) Content: You must write about Antigone. You must argue something about an aspect of this play. Your job is to convince your readers that your argument is a sound, logical one. You have complete freedom as to your topic, as long as it is scholarly and related to our texts. You do NOT want to summarize the plot; rather you should analyze detail in the text and your sources to prove your thesis. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence in your introduction. Balance opinion with fact. You MUST use your text (your primary source) support to prove your assertions. In addition to citing the text, you will need to use other sources (secondary) sources to help support your thesis. You are required to have at least six sources. This does not include the play itself. So there will be a total of seven sources on your works cited page. These will be noted as parenthetical citations and also on the works cited page. Three of the six sources MUST exist in print. This means that they can come from an online database; they must be scholarly publications, like journal art6icles or books. The other three sources can be of your choosing, as long as they are academic and reputable. All sources need to be scholarly and written by experts. Use MLA format.

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