Appeal Draft to the Federal Court of Australia custom essay

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I do not mind if you want to do the paper extending the time more than 10 days for the purpose of quality. It is not an urgent paper.

The following is the question which you should answer by doing the research:

Trade Marks

Solahart Industries Pty Ltd v Solar Shop Pty Ltd [2011] FCA 700 (Unreported, Federal Court of Australia, Perram J) is a case involving allegations of trade mark infringement on the Internet. You act for Solar Shop Pty Ltd and Solar Hut Pty Ltd, the unsuccessful parties at first instance. You are instructed to appear on their behalf in an appeal to the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia. Senior Counsel has asked that you draft written submissions to hand up to the court during the appeal.

Your written submissions are to address the grounds of appeal (as set out in your clients’ Notice of Appeal), which are as follows.

The primary judge erred in finding that the Appellants’ use of the domain name, is use as a trade mark (see paragraph [50]).

Your written submissions must:
1. be set out in numbered paragraphs;
2. be set out in Form 3 to the Federal Court Rules 2011 (Cth) (which is available on the Federal Court of Australia’s website); and
3. commence by setting out the issues and relevant facts in chronological order.

Please it is very important to conform with the question requirements. As you see, it is not a normal research paper.

Please make the references and bibliography according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation which I have applauded and available online as well.

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