Application of concept from an Essay.

This first unit paper asks you to apply a concept (term or phrase) from Henry David Thoreaus Walking to one of the Reading 2 essays by Rebecca Solnit, Linda Hogan, or James Baldwin to say something about the philosophy of walking. In other words, show your ability to define and establish your understanding of a particular idea in one text and explain how it applies or connects to another text. In the writing world, this kind of paper is often called an application paper or a theory/concept analysis paper. It asks you to synthesize across two texts. Here is a quick guide/rubric to thinking about how to approach your essay: Establish a clear understanding of the concept. Similar to your first response, you will need to firmly and clearly define and describe the term you are isolating in Thoreaus essay Walking. Next, decide which essay you would like to connect this initial term with and choose a specific area or idea within the text to develop your application. In other words, you dont have to make your selected Thoreau concept fit with the entire second essay. Instead, you can isolate a specific idea, discussion, or passage to make the connection work. This is a crucial step in the essay development. You want to make a connection that feels valid and applicable, one that adds insight and that allows you to develop a fascinating and worthwhile analysis. For example, I might take Thoreaus use of the word Crusade and apply it to Rebecca Solnits essay Citizens of the Streets to consider how these two essays present walking as a revolutionary act. Last, once you have chosen which essay (and which part of the essay) you want to connect, work on analyzing the significance of the connection in terms of the idea of walking. How does the term apply to the second essay? How might it also differ, extend, or shift when it is connected to the second essay? These questions will help you shape a thesis that holds the paper together.

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