Application Paper: Evaluating Technology for Learning custom essay

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Write an 8 page paper that:

•Briefly describes your real or hypothetical learning scenario, identifying the audience and organization as well as the setting, purpose, and content of the learning (2 points)

•Summarizes your systematic analysis for each of the 8 factors (SECTIONS) in the framework.

oS tudents: 2 points
oE ase of use and reliability: 3 points
oC osts: 3 points
oT eaching and learning: 3 points
oI nteractivity: 3 points
oO rganizational issues: 3 points
oN ovelty: 1 point
oS peed: 2 points

•Explains why the application of a framework to select and use technology such as the SECTIONS framework is beneficial to your organization, your learners, and yourself as an educator (3 points)
Reading resources: (see attached chapters)

oChapter: Bates, A. W., & Poole, G. (2003). Effective teaching with technology in higher education: Foundations for success (1st ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Note: Chapter 4 of this textbook, titled “A Framework for Selecting and Using Technology,” has been provided as a PDF link.

There are a number of factors educators must consider in order to make the best use of technology for learning. In this chapter you will find a framework for selecting the most appropriate technology for a variety of nursing-education contexts.

Click here for Chapter 4
oCourse Text: Developing Online Learning Environments in Nursing Education
Chapter 3 – “Infrastructure Considerations for Online Learning: Student, Faculty, and Technical Support”

Effective use of technology in education requires not just a committed educator, but an organizational infrastructure capable of giving needed technical support. This chapter discusses various elements you should consider when assessing the supporting infrastructure of your organization.
Chapter 4 – “Technologies and Competencies Needed for Online Learning”

This chapter describes the technologies as well as the competencies–of learners and instructors–that are considered to be essential for successful online learning.
oArticle: Barton, A. J. (2005). Cultivating informatics competencies in a community of practice. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 29(4), 323-328.

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