Applied Problem Solving in an Engineering Workplace BSc Engineering Management Academic Essay

The requirements are as follows: 1) The Assessment Develop a portfolio/Essay of 8000 words relating to workplace problem-solving activity that demonstrates learning outcomes for the module. (Note: The total words are 10,000 word without inclusion of the references and bibliography, however I want to add my own 2000 words into this assignment) hence I just need 8000 words. English UK Critical evaluation of number of innovative and unusual models of problem solving method as listed below, but not all? a) critically evaluate a number of innovative and unusual models of problem solving normally used in other unrelated organisational contexts b) identify a complex problem with unpredictable and unknown features associated with new or previously unrecognised or unadvised goals c) analyse a problem using additional, unconventional or original methodological tools d) identify and evaluate one or more solutions and assess the constraints in terms of the unpredictable features that relate to managing innovation e) develop and implement an implementation plan that addresses the nature of an innovatory change and associated unpredictability f) Critically evaluate a solution considering the concept of learning organisations as protection against changes in the external environment g) identify and reflect on the underlying values and beliefs of key decision-makers and their impact on the problem-solving process h) identify the ethical issues associated with problem solving in the workplace i) reflect on their thinking and decision-making strategies throughout the problem-solving activity j) understand the links and differences between management and leadership within the context of organisational achievement, value and success. Structure and content of the module: The module learning is structured around five main areas or themes: Theme A Approaches to problem solving Theme B Working on a real life problem Theme C Evaluating progress and dealing with operational issues Theme D Values and ethical issues Theme E Review of learning

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