Are clausewitzian ideas still applicable to the analysis of moden warfare Academic Essay

Introduction This section should clearly state in the first two lines your argument of the essay which is that yes clausewitzian ideas are still applicable to modern warfare .It should state also how you are going to argue it. It should also indicate that the essay is taking a realist perspective to argue its position Main section Then move on to the main substance of the essay. This is the main bit in which you actually develop the argument As you progress through the essay, at each major new point/stage tell the reader how it relates to the main question?SIGNPOSTING! Argument The body and structure of the essay should be built around a strong argument also show that you are aware of counter arguments but this should be done in the context of making your own argument. Your argument, or the point that you want to make, needs to be the driving force behind the essay. Conclusion Your conclusion should be sound and in line with the introduction

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