Argument Essay “Seems” = Appearances can be Deceiving

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Can you please write an argument essay for me base from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare. The essay should be based from my title as my thesis proving that appearances in the play are deceiving. It must be written in third person and citing from the book as your proof ex: (III, ii, 26). If you need to add the line/poem from the book it should be separated by a slash “/” ex: O, that this too too sullied flelsh would melt/ Thaw and resolved itself into a dew! (I,ii,130) Please write in a high school to junior college level writing because my teacher knows my writing style. I go to Junior college and English is my second language. Please try to avoid high vocabulary words. 3 1/2 page paper is okay too. Thanks much. Your my hope to pass this class.

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