Assessment Portfolio and Rational custom essay

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The subject of the portfolio is science (Body systems) I will attach for you Matching assessment_ T/F assessment/ Short answer assessment/ cloze assessment. I couldn’t create the other required kinds of assessment Essay assessment / multiple choice assessment/ Authentic assessment / C-test assessment
Please provide me with these assessments and should be related to the same topic of the attached assessments and they are not included from the 8 pages. please in each rational paper at the top include the proficiency level (beginning – expanding-bridging-reaching) according to WIDA standards.

Final Project
The final project for this class is a portfolio of assessments created around one central theme targeting one specific age group of ELLs. In class, you are going to learn that specific assessments are more appropriate than others for students? English proficiency. As a result, the assessments in your portfolio will consist of those tailored for students of a myriad proficiency levels. However, the target age group and theme should not change throughout the assessments you create, but the skills levels will change. The language domain to be assessed can also vary, but it is all dependent upon your purposes.

Your portfolio should consist of a 1 page cover page thoroughly describing the intended teaching situation and students for whom the assessments have been created as well as the over-arching theme. The following questions should be answered in this section:
1. Where will you be teaching (IEP, public school, private institution, refugee camp, etc)? I will teach in private school IEP
2. What is the target age group? The age group is 11,12
3. How many students are in the class? 20
4. What materials do the students have access to? you can create anything
5. What is the theme for all of your assessments? (Briefly describe you teaching unit including time frame and major sub-topics) ( anything)

This portfolio will consist of 8 different assessments:
? Multiple choice
? True/false (or yes/no)
? Matching
? Sentence completion?cloze
? Sentence completion?C-test
? Short answer
? Essay with appropriate rubric
? Authentic assessment of choice with appropriate rubric
In addition, it is necessary to include a one page rationale and response for each of the assessments you created. The rationale and response should answer the following guiding questions:
1. For which language domain is the assessment intended? (Use the WIDA proficiency levels)
2. For which proficiency level is the assessment intended? (Use the WIDA proficiency levels)
3. Using information gained from class texts, articles, or discussion, justify why assessment is appropriate for the age, language domain, and proficiency level.
4. Is the assessment intended to be formative or summative? I prefer formative

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