. Assignment 1 Each article review consists of: 1st paragraph of review summary of article. 2nd paragraph of review

. Assignment 1Each article review consists of:1st paragraph of review summary of article. 2nd paragraph of review your thoughts related to the article.Attach copy of article to the 1 page article review. Send to me in an email to my blackboard email site. (do NOT upload this in any assignment area.)Students will select two articles from the following topic areas. You will then read, summarize, and write short commentary. Length of commentary should not to exceed one page. You should include copy of article (as attached file) or a precise hyperlink to the article with commentary.Topic Areas: Complexity Theory in Public Sector Strategic Management and Business Policy in the public arena Scanning the Environment (ex. Environmental scanning and Industry analysis, Internal scanning and organizational analysis) Strategy Formulation in public service management Strategic Implementation and Control in public service management Business Ethics and Policy in Public Service Management What is Public Budgeting Human Resource Management in Public Service Management Students can use find articles.com or the library databases to find the articles. Suggestion: Do the articles first to support your research for your paper! 2. Public Service Management Test 2 1 to « page for each answer Assignment21. Discuss (in depth) how you effectively communicate the results of performance measurement.2. Explain how graphic displays are used in performance measurements (including the benefits of using graphic displays). How is this use going to challenge todays public service manager?3. Once performance measures have been established what is the best way to maintain the performance measurement data?4. What are the goals in selecting and designing a management system?5. What is involved in selecting the right performance data management software?6. How are strategic planning and strategic management different?7. Discuss inputs and outputs and the need to demonstrate and report on each.8. Why are todays management teams in government and nonprofit moving away from line-item approaches and adopting performance budgets?9. What is meant by the needs of the audience and how does that effect the nature of performance data?10. How are creative graphics displays used in reporting performance measurements?

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