ASSIGNMENT: ASSESSING YOUR CULTURAL IDENTITYThis assignment is designed to guide you at discovering more about yourself and the contexts in which you function. Why? To increase understanding of the ways that culture, gender, and ethnicity influence your business communications in an international setting.Each of you is being asked to conduct a rigorous assessment of yourself, using the paradigms, models and variables we have studied so far in the course. That is, how does your knowledge of Adlers key variables regarding cultural orientations help you achieve greater awareness of self and society? Or, what axioms of communication governed cultural expectations around your dinner table as you grew up?.No outside research is necessary at least in the conventional sense. But you might find it helpful to validate your perceptions with others in your family or sub-cultural or cultural group. Be sure to spend time confirming YOUR understanding of the roles, rituals, and practices which govern interaction in those contexts.The final paper should consist of a well-written document (approximately three pages, with maximum word count of 750). Be certain that you address the following questions, among others, of course.1. What is the focus of your analysis?2. What is your rationale for this selection?.3. What analytical tools are you going to use to conduct your analysis? Be sureto explain your understanding of these theories, models, and concepts.4. What did you learn about yourself as a result of this self-reflective assessment? What did you already know and what surprised you as a result of this process?5. What features of culture, gender, and/or ethnicity shape your own style ofbusiness communication, from an individual perspective? And how do these features either impede or facilitate effective business communication?6. What are the implications of your findings for your approach to business communication in the global arena?Discuss cultural differences between the United States and Spain Business hours Eating habits/hours nightlife gender ethnicity culture.

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