AssignmentLean Business Analysis Paradig

AssignmentLean Business Analysis Paradigm Evaluation ReportAssignment BriefDue to the intensity of cost and other competitive pressures in the current economic climate, the Board of [your organization of choice] has appointed you to research and evaluate the potential of the Lean Thinking paradigm for analyzing and improving your organisations current level of performance. Your terms of reference from the Board are to produce for them, by Tuesday 7th May 2013, a 5,000 word business report of appropriate format, standard of presentation and content to enable them to make an informed decision.This document should contain the following elements (indicative word count is provided to ensure a balanced document):1. A cover page.2. An Executive Summary [250 words]3. A brief descriptive context [for the marker of the assignment] that provides an explanation of who/ what your organization is; what products/ services it provides and its current markets and competitive position [750 words].4. An introduction that details the aim of the report, nature of the problem and current level of operational performance; typically expressed in terms of revenues/ costs/ quality/ and time-responsiveness criteria [500 words].5. Main body text [3,000 words]: Explains the attributes and key concepts of the paradigm. Interprets how these might be applied to the organization described in the descriptive context (2). Evaluates the fit of this paradigm to this specific context; its relative strengths/ weaknesses or advantages/ disadvantages.6. A conclusion/ recommendation that provides your assessment of the likely impact on the organisations operational performance if the above is implemented [500 words].7. Back Matter: Any appendices and supporting or reference information..

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