Assisted suicideOrder Instructions:BACKG

Assisted suicideOrder Instructions:BACKGROUND INFORMATION: PLEASE USE THIS INFORMATION TO BASE A SHORT ESSAY ON.(When I was 7 years old, my mother told me a story about her youngersister that was diagnose with depression. At the time I wasn?t aware ofthe word depression but what my mother described to me was it?s afeeling inside that makes you feel sad and hopeless all the time. At theage of 8 and a half my mother sent my aunt to a clinic to be retreatedfor her depression. After 7months of treatment she started to show somesigns of improvement. Within the next few months my aunt was released.However, the first 2 weeks out of her release she attempted suicide. Shefailed consuming some types of pills. She was then was sent to a 7daywatch. Due to her pattern of depression my mother advise the doctorsthat she will not sign a release form. After my aunt learned about thismy aunt asked one of the doctors on staff to help her commit suicide. Mymother didn?t get into deep details due to the level of pain it causedher but within the next 3 months my aunt was able to get pills from adoctor which were fatal if consumed in mass volume. At the time thereweren?t any laws that prevented these acts done by doctors and my motherwith very little English sued the hospital but after a few months incourt it was thrown out. Till this day my mother missed her sister andit caused my mother her own level of depression which caused her to getlet go of her job and a divorced from my father.) Just make some times up as you write the essay its all good. thank you.??.?.1) Describe a moral problem you are confronting or have confronted in your life that is important to you. Identify the moral problem clearly and explain why it is a moral problem, as opposed to an economic problem or a legal problem.2) Apply the five steps of decision-making methodology in organizing a description of how you treated or are treating the problem.(i) What is the issue? Identify it the issue clearly. (ii) What facts are you are considering or considered? (iii) What are your reasons? This is the most crucial step. Here you should explain your reasons for deciding or judging. And, you may also describe feelings or emotions that influence your approach as well. (iv) What did you decide or judge? (v) What are your reflections? This is also an important step. Do you regret your decision? If so, why? If not, why not?3) Lastly, are there any predispositions or assumptions derived from your personal experience, or your cultural or civic background that influence your decision or judgment? If there are, describe them. If not, review your reasons for deciding or judging and identify an assumption. Why do you make that assumption? Explain.??.?.

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