Assume you are a marketing consultant wh

Assume you are a marketing consultant who has hired by the firm that is profiled in a case and the professor is the vice president of marketing at the firm. She hired you to assist in identifying marketing strategies for the firm. Reflect this scenario in the way you express yourself in the reports. You only have to select one marketing strategy from the list of Product Strategy (see attached MKTG610 Product Strategies.docx) and one marketing strategy from the list of Distribution Strategy (see attached MKTG610 Distribution Strategies.docx). A marketing recommendations are made here. The main product is Barbie and should focus for Barbie only. The format are as follows: 1) Purpose and Overview 2) Summary of Past and Current Situations 3) SWOT analysis that pertains to Product Strategy & Distribution Strategy only 2) Assumptions on which the strategies are based 5) Marketing Strategies that emerge from the SWOTS 4) Summary and request for action 6) References.Details of guidelines (see attached IMG_20140611_0001.pdf).Mattel (see attached IMG_20140611_0002 to IMG_20140611_0010.pdf).

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