Astronomical Technology Custom Essay

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This is an Astronomy paper. The topic of this essay is: Less than 500 years ago, using only careful observation with the naked human eye, Copernicus challenged conventional beliefs by presenting evidence than the Earth revolved around the Sun, not vice versa. 400 years ago, Galileo revolutionized astronomy with the development of the optical telescope. Identify at least three subsequent advances in astronomical technology, and explain how they have enhanced our understanding of the solar system and the wider cosmos. What technical challenges limit our ability to understand the wider universe? The paper NEEDS and is highly graded on: – an introductory statement of purpose clearly explaining the topic of the paper and it’s wider significance. – a body presenting evidence, illustrative examples, and logical analysis/arguments relevant to the stated topic. – a conclusion summarizing and explaining the relevance of the body to the stated purpose. – organizational coherence. – analysis using relevant conceptual, quantitative, and technological tools. – clarity of exposition. – sharpness of focus on the assigned topic. – completeness in addressing all aspects of the assigned topic.

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