Automating certain administration tasks Academic Essay

Automating certain administration tasks can save valuable time and , in turn, saves money. Network administrators may want to automate certain tasks so they may run during times of low network usage. Also, using scripting to perform automated tasks frees the network administrator from having to perform the task while he or she is there. A network administrator can schedule tasks, such as backups, after business hours. This saves a great amount of time, and the task is completed while the networks usage is low. Scripting is a great tool for any network administrator, and automating certain tasks is a must to guarantee time efficiency. Performing a backup (as previously mentioned) is an administrative task that can be completely automated. A network administrator can simply execute a backup program with a script. Then, the administrator can schedule the script to run during hours of low network usage (probably during the night). Backups should be performed routinely, and setting up an automated backup program will prove to be useful. Security sweeps are also administrative tasks that must be carried out routinely. Network administrators should perform regular, automated security sweeps on the entire network to expose and fix any wire-borne vulnerabilities (Hess). Performing manual security sweeps will sometimes be needed, but automated security sweeps can lessen the daily work load. Freeing up disk space is one of those tasks that must be carried out and can be extremely disruptive to a network if not done properly. Automating this task can monitor servers for low disk space, send notification about disk space, and can be scheduled to run on a regular basis, or initiated based on a trigger (Nizri). These are just a few of many administration tasks that can and should be automated for any business network to display peak performance. The key is to construct a script that can execute these tasks without any problems or errors. Once the scripts are tested, they can be put into action. There are many tasks that can be automated. When they are, the network administrators work load will be lessen, and the network itself will run as it should. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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