Avon in global markets in 2009: managing and developing a global workforce custom essay

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Case study of Avon for an international management subject the requirements are an analysis of the information in the case study to advise Avon on dealing with culturally diverse workforces, and key issues that it needs to take note of in its expansion in India.

section 1
Dealing with culturally diverse workforces: Seventy percent of Avon’s revenues are generated outside of the USA. Select two countries from their European, Middle East or African operations. Compare and contrast the cultural differences of these countries with the USA. Insert the bar graph as an Appendix. What implications does this have for cross-cultural communication and leadership? (Modules 1 and 5 and their readings; 1500 words

Section 2
Future expansion: Avon may be expanding into India. What aspects of the social institutions of India could impact on Avon’s international human resource development plan in India? (see modules 1 and 4 and their readings; 700 words)

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