Ban On Smoking In New York Essay

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Do you agree with New York’s ban on smoking in bars and restaurants? Answer is: Yes if there is a seperate ventilation system/ room for smokers Please read: New York state outlaws smoking in all enclosed workplaces Nation’s Restaurant News; New York; Apr 7, 2003; Paul Frumkin; Note : Smoking in the Workplace Here in Los Angeles we took a lot of static when smoking was banned in bars and restaurants. Now, even the jaded New Yorkers are doing it! From a health perspective there are serious questions about second hand smoke. Of course, if you don’t want to go into a smoky bar, then don’t go in. But some people don’t really have that choice, namely those who work there. Or do they? Are people who work in bars and restaurants any different from police or miners, or anyone with a job that has a certain risk? If they know and accept the risk doesn’t that make it acceptable? Or should it be like any other work place safety concern? Perhaps people who work in a bar or restaurant have the right to a smoke free and safe environment. Of course, all this depends on whether or not you accept the studies on second hand smoke to begin with. Be this as it may………..

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