Banking Academic Essay

Banking You want to open your own checking account and there are so many options out there promising you different perks if you choose a particular bank.Research checking accounts for at least three (3) different banks and investigate each banks information and policies on: Convenience (hours, locations, online banking, debit card) Interest rates Additional fees on checking accounts (e.g. ordering checks) ATM Usage Minimum balances Transaction turnaround time (time it takes check to clear) Also research if the bank offers credit cards, car loans, savings accounts and any other services if you join that particular bank. Based on your research and analysis, select a bank and checking account that best suits your needs and explain the reasoning behind your selection in at least five (5) paragraphs.The first paragraph is your introduction, followed by three paragraphs detailing information about the three banks you researched, and fifth paragraph is your conclusion.The summary should be written in the form of an essay PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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