Beneath Clouds Essay

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With reference to one studied text, discuss how ‘Australia’ is represented.

For this essay, the text i want used is Beneath Clouds by Ivan sen. It is a movie that was released in 2002.

Here are a few points my professor has emphasized upon:
‘Australia’ is variously imagined in the film, including cinematically (think of how the landscape is shot by the camera, for example), and it does offer a particular perspective that acknowledges Australia’s colonial history, which is interesting and worth exploring.

The outcomes you should achieve and demonstrate in your second essay, and which will form
the basis for assessment, are:
– a clear definition of your particular topic;
– a clear identification of the key issues and problems the topic entails;
– a clear sense of the essay’s aims;
– an effort to produce original work, which includes a preparedness to take ‘risks’ in
your thinking;
– a demonstration that the essay meets what it sets out to achieve;
– evidence of the carrying out of research;
– a critical engagement with the various arguments and opinions within the field/topic
you have chosen to research (Evidence for this is not only judged by the sophistication
and clarity of your arguments, but also by the references and bibliography you include
with your work and the degree to which you critical evaluate the research);
– well-informed and supported conclusions; and a technically well presented project (clear, concisely argued, well written).

Please make this as good as possible as i do not have time for revisions and this is extremely important after my first essay was messed up and i was given a second chance by my professor. If you have any questions, please contact me through here whenever.

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