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This is an essay in the “classical” style: the thesis should appear at or near the end of the introductory paragraph. Do not assume the reader has read the essay. For the sake of clarity, avoid over-summarizing the text or under summarizing it. For every paragraph of summary you use, you should include an equal number of equally developed analytical details. In his essay “No Detail is too small for girls answering a simple question” Tony Kornheiser claims that gender affects the way people communicate.
– What are the main differences Knornheiser points out?
– Which style of communication do you feel is most effective?
– In other worlds, which style of speaking do you feel is best for giing information/telling stories without boring or confusing the listener?
– As you write keep in mind that Knornheiser is supporting his ideas with a lot of generalizations about men and women.
– Do not create a thesis that simply repeats his generalizations and declares that these ideas are true and that women and men actually talk this way. Your goal is to create an argument about which style (in your opinion) seems best for conveying information in a clear way. Therefore, the strongest essays will support their analysis of the “best” style by discussing specific moments (for instance, within certain types of jobs) when one particular form of communication would be better than the other.

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