blood transfusion for pediatric oncology patient custom essay

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Research about leukemia patients (Blood transfusion for pediatric oncology patient)

– Should consist of 3000 words and contain ~ 40 references.
– The report must be submitted using the format of a scientific paper:

– The project report should follow the usual format for a scientific publication (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion). ?
References in Vancouver format

– Using data, which has been published in the relevant literature. This would involve critical analysis of primary research data, which could provide novel insights into a particular aspect of diagnostic pathology, or specific area of interest.
– Should be a ?scientific question? which you then answer by researching the published scientific data
– The reference list should be ~ 80% primary research publications. These publications would have the traditional format of Introduction, Methods & Materials, Results, and Discussion. Review articles, news & views articles or other types of publications should be less than 20

– e.g What is the best way, safe and effectiveness of blood transfusion process (for paediatric oncology patient.)?(

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